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4 mois en Asie : le bilan !

5 octobre 2009


Quatre mois n’auront pas suffi pour voir tout ce que l’Asie a a offrir, mais on a decouvert un univers nouveau, et maintenant qu’on est de retour dans le monde occidental -en Australie-, on se rend compte que ca nous a un peu change, et en tout cas c’est amusant de noter toutes ces differences qui ont fait notre quotidien.

On a donc essaye de lister et commenter les particularites de l’Asie qui nous ont marquees !
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Melaka, or How it’s Possible to Take 250 Photos in One Day!

24 août 2009


In the post about Georgetown, Roland exagerated a little, saying I took 500 pictures in one day. That is not true; I merely took 128.
However, I managed to take 250 shots in Melaka, and here is why!
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Kuala Lumpur

22 août 2009


Nous avons pu explorer Kuala Lumpur pendant 2 jours, avant de partir vers le sud en direction de Singapour via Melaka

After a few wonderful days on the Perenthian Islands, we caught the train south to Kuala Lumpur, where we spent a couple of days before heading on to Melaka and Singapore.
(warning to the phobic: snake pictures in the article)

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Sea, Swim and Sun: 5 jours sur l’ile Perhentian Kecil

16 août 2009


Le paradis sur terre existe, nous l’avons trouve! Et on le prouve ;-) » Lire la suite

Chant “Hare Krishna” and Be Happy!

15 août 2009


British colonial buildings, Indian restaurants and Chinese temples can be found almost side by side in Georgetown, Malaysia. Because of these unique features, this historical city on Penang Island was listed last year as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. We only spent one day there, but that was enough for Kath to take more than 500 pictures of this beautiful city… here’s a selection! » Lire la suite

Learn to speak Malay with us!

11 août 2009


Shame on us! After almost two weeks in Malaysia, we still don’t know how to say “Thank You” in Malay :(
But that’s mostly because everybody speaks English!
Malay, however, uses the latin alphabet (unlike Thai or Chinese), and we did therefore learn a few words from the signs and announcements we saw.
Play with us, and see if you can translate the following Malay words in English! » Lire la suite

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