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4 mois en Asie : le bilan !

5 octobre 2009


Quatre mois n’auront pas suffi pour voir tout ce que l’Asie a a offrir, mais on a decouvert un univers nouveau, et maintenant qu’on est de retour dans le monde occidental -en Australie-, on se rend compte que ca nous a un peu change, et en tout cas c’est amusant de noter toutes ces differences qui ont fait notre quotidien.

On a donc essaye de lister et commenter les particularites de l’Asie qui nous ont marquees !
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Sea, Swim and Sun: 5 jours sur l’ile Perhentian Kecil

16 août 2009


Le paradis sur terre existe, nous l’avons trouve! Et on le prouve ;-) » Lire la suite

Last days in Thailand…

10 août 2009

After six days on Koh Tao, we packed ourselves up (it’s amazing how much mess can be created out of only two backpacks!) and caught the boat (a fast one this time – 1 ½ hours for 50km) to the next island along – Koh Phangan. Phangan is much bigger than Tao and is best known for its “full moon party” every month in the south. Considering a big night for us these days is a pineapple shake and bed at 10pm, we promptly headed for the north of the island. » Lire la suite

Koh Tao

3 août 2009


Throughout our whole time in Laos, we went back and forth between traveling further south in Laos then heading into Cambodia, and going straight from Vientiane to Bangkok then down to the islands. Given that we had been dreaming of beaches for months now and travel in Laos is painfully slow, we finally opted for the latter. » Lire la suite

Notre petit coin de paradis

23 juillet 2009


Home Sweet Home…

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2 jours en bateau sur le Mekong au coeur du Laos – Slow boat on the Mekong river into the heart of Laos

20 juillet 2009

Our original plan was to head straight from Bangkok down south to Thailand’s beaches, given that we thought the weather would be too hot or too rainy in the north. We did have some rain in Chiang Mai, but it really wasn’t as hot as we had imagined (though Roland might disagree ;)
We had been hearing so much great stuff about Laos (that it’s really cheap, really beautiful, like Thailand was 25 years ago, etc, etc), we decided it would be a shame not to go, considering we were so close.

So to get there, we hopped on a slow boat down the Mekong!

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